Experience Maui Yoga and Dance at The Studio Maui. Maui’s largest movement arts, dance and yoga center located in Haiku on Maui’s lush and tropical North Shore. At the Studio Maui we offer many styles of yoga including Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Viniyoga. Dance forms ranging from Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Ballet, Tribal Belly Dance, 5Rhythms™, and Nia. Other movement arts we offer are Gyrotonic™, Pilates, Feldenkrais and more. If you are planning an alternative Healing Hawaiian Vacation, check out our accommodations and travel page. Create your own personal Maui Yoga Retreat and Eco Vacation: stay in one of the many charming North Shore bed and breakfasts or alternative vacation rentals near The Studio Maui, enjoy the health and wellness that come from daily Maui Yoga and Maui dance classes, enjoy countless eco adventures exploring Maui’s lush and pristine North Shore, surf or sail board at nearby legendary Ho’okipa Bay. Everything you need for a healing vacation on Maui is right here in beautiful Haiku with The Studio Maui at the center.lobby

At The Studio Maui you will find on-going classes, special workshops and events, performances and teacher trainings. Community members and visitors are warmly invited to experience the healing power of movement with the island’s most popular and professional teachers. Our dedicated staff offers precise inspirational instruction and every teacher makes personal attention a priority, supporting and encouraging students with love and humor. Come move with us!

The Studio Maui is also available as an event venue for performances, Maui retreats, teacher trainings, seminars, and workshops. See our facility booking page for more information.

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Mathematics At Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College is an ideal choice if you are looking for a school that prepares you for a fulfilling career while making Christ’s teaching an important part of your experience as a student. Emmanuel College is located in Northern Georgia and is considered as one of the most affordable private colleges –

The schools offers a number of four year degrees, including a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis on Mathematics. Studying Mathematics is something you should consider if you have a passion for numbers and want a scientific career. You will become familiar with complex mathematical systems and structures, develop some strong problem solving skills, learn to follow a logical reasoning and learn about programming and technology as well.

emmachapelThe mathematics classes offered at Emmanuel College give you the possibility to specialize in different areas. You can for instance choose to study applied mathematics, algebra, geometry and topology, analysis, probabilities or programming. Having access to these different classes mean you can easily specialize for the kind of scientific career you are interested in.

The Bachelor of Science includes some core Mathematics courses as well as Mathematics Electives. You will have to complete a total of 22 hours of core Mathematics classes besides completing 15 hours of Mathematics Electives. The scientific portion of this B.A. also includes four hours of natural science lab work.

The Bachelor of Science is designed to prepare you for a career related to science and mathematics, but you will also acquire some valuable communication skills and get to study the humanities as well. There are also classes about Christian ethics and other religious topics to help you stay in touch with the values that matter to you during your time at Emmanuel College and later in life.

You will have to complete 9 hours of coursework in the communication field, 6 hours in the humanities, 7 hours of natural science and mathematical reasoning classes, and complete 6 hours of classes in the social and behavioral science department.

The Bachelor of Science also includes coursework in the physical well-being and Christian ministries departments. You will have to complete 12 hours of Christian ministries coursework and 4 hours of work in the physical well-being field, which includes fitness and a couple of seminars.

Emmanuel College is a small private school. You will feel right at home among the 800 students and benefit from the small size of the school thanks to the human dimension that is sometimes lacking in larger colleges. Fewer students means you will get to know your instructors better and they will be able to dedicate more time and resources to help each individual student.

You should visit the Emmanuel College website or get in touch with their Mathematics department to learn more about this Mathematics Degree GA and the classes offered.  If you are interested in Emmanuel College, the best thing to do is schedule a campus tour so you can visit the college and meet the students and instructors. This is an ideal option if you are looking for a degree that will give you access to a fulfilling career while emphasizing Christian values and ethics.

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Farfetch Promo Code Coupons occupies a unique niche on the web – it is a trading online marketplace. This exclusive resource allows you to buy products of almost all the famous designers and well presented collections of the world’s biggest fashion houses.

The Farfetch online platform represents fashion boutiques from Europe and North America. Designer shoes, clothes and accessories for men and women – everything is here in one place where renowned fashion designers from all over the world can immediately suggest their latest collections.

On the virtual shelves of Farfetch online store you can find such brands as Givenchy, Gucci, Fendi and Chloé. Exhibited labels cover the territory from Milan, Paris and London to Honolulu and Sao Paulo.

The catalog is divided into several major categories: Luxe, Lab and Contemporary.

Luxe collections include such famous fashion designers as: Dolce & Gabban, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Moschino and many others.

The Luxe Collection- Fashion Lookbook from Tabitha Fielteau on Vimeo.


Lab offers experimental stuff from new designers, not as famous, but who laready have their own style, and a small army of fans. In this category you can, for example, buy things from Zucca, Cosmic Wonder, Electronic Sheep and others.

Contemporary category is devoted entirely to street fashion and everything that goes with it. You can find clothes from both famous and not so famous design houses that manufacture everyday streetwear. Also in this category there is a wide selection of clothing from the world famous jeans brands.

Also for true connoisseurs of fashion there is a special section, which displays all the newest offerings of the last season.
Of course, the quality of products showcased by this online platform is perfect! The site presents the products of over three hundred boutiques and every one of them guarantees exceptional quality of each acquired piece of cloth. This is one of the reasons that makes Farfetch today so popular around the globe.

Another feature of the store is convenient delivery. You will be able to purchase things in one package, even if the boutiques themselves are situated on different continents. In this case the shipping costs will be higher than usual. It is also possible to follow your package by using the tracking service.

Moreover, making a purchase through this website you can not only quickly and comfortably purchase luxury items from the collections of fashion designers, but also save by using Farfetch promo code coupons. You can get an exclusive right to purchase discounted items even from the most recent collections. Just make sure that the proposed discount is still valid and applies to the desired category of goods. Just enter the coupon code at the checkout and enjoy.

Here is a short and easy step-by-step tutorial for registration and shopping on the Farfetch website:

At the top of the main page click «Sign In / Register» and fill in the following fields:

– First & Last Name
– E-Mail Address
– Password
– Confirm Password

After the confirmation of registration, which is required, you can start shopping.

Today loyalty program allows you to get the promo codes and farfetch coupons that are sent to e-mail for January, February and March of 2015.

For more information, please, visit,,

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